How can I be sure that the stove or insert glass will not be broken during transport?

Even if we use packing designed for safe transport, sometimes the package arrives broken. In this case, you will have to refuse it (you will have no recourse if you accept the package).

Should I always change the seal?

No, not if it's recent or sealed, but if you choose a self-cleaning glass, we strongly advise that you do.

My stove door's screws are blocked, how do I dismount my glass?

Apply oil and leave for a few hours before trying again.

I am not sure that I am taking measurements correctly (e.g. because my glass is broken or missing)?

It is sometimes difficult to take measurements. In this case, we try to do our best to help you by providing you with advice (installation tips tab), but remember that it is better to be too short than too long!

How do you pack stoves and insert glass?

We use a box system that fits every glass perfectly thanks to a wedging system in the form of angle irons that provides perfect protection for the glass.

Is the stove or insert glass the same quality as the original?

Yes. The Neoceram ceramic glass we provide is the same as that used by most major brands, such as Invicta, for example.

I do not know the brand of my stove or insert, what do I do?

Search the website for the shape of your glass (flat glass tab if it is a rectangle of 4mm and special glass tab for the others), enter the required measurements and place a direct order.

Is the glass compatible with a gas-powered heater?


Is the glass compatible with an oven?


Do you have screen-printed glass?

No, but you can use BBQ paint on the glass. Apply 3 coats of paint (leave each coat to dry for 24 hours). Use coachbuilder tape to hide the clear section.